Wheel and axle lab report

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Wheel and Axle Lab Report

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23, views. When the wheel turns, it forces the axle to turn; or if the axle is turned, the wheel also turns. One full turn of the large wheel results in one full turn of the smaller one and vice versa.

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OBJECTIVE A lab investigation of an accelerating object can be difficult without motion sensors or computer photo gates. Moment of Inertia & Rotational Energy Physics Lab IX. Objective. In this lab, the physical nature of the moment of inertia and the conservation law of mechanical frictional torque from the axle, we have the following equation from Newton’s second law of motion.

τ=rT = I. A spinning bicycle wheel resists efforts to tilt it and point the axle in a new direction. Any rapidly spinning wheel exhibits this gyroscopic property—and you can use this tendency to take yourself for a spin. Name: Lab Section Number: your wheel+hub+axle.

Calculate the density the wheel and hub (you may completed the formula in the pre- include this data in your report. Place the empty hanger on the string hanging off the hub, ensure that it is stationary and.

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 Wheel/axle assembly report Contents 1. Terms of reference This report is completed as requirement for the outcome two Relationship between Linear and Angular Motion.

A rotating wheel travelling along a surface has both angular motion and linear motion. Hence it will possess kinetic energy due to its linear velocity called kinetic energy of translation, and kinetic energy due to its angular.

Wheel and axle lab report
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