Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism magazine

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Magazine Journalism

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Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism articles

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Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism essay

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Literary Journalism

One is "literary journalism," generally meaning that journalism which the French call "high vulgarization" -- that is, serious journalistic writing about serious topics which is usually expected to be a bit more measured, searching, allusive and penetrating than reporting or comment on the news of the day.

A preeminent space for long form journalism, this residency emphasizes the strengths of thorough and articulate reporting, distinctive storytelling, literary devices, and—as always—captivating writing.

Literary Journalism

This course is designed for journalists and other writers who want to learn how to use some techniques of literature to tell the true stories of journalism. Although the kind of stories that you’ll be writing could be published in several different media, we’ll focus on stories most commonly found in newspapers and magazines, including newspaper Sunday magazines.

We will also discuss the techniques of reporting for literary journalism, interviewing, story organization, word choice, self-editing, invasion of privacy, libel, etc.

I will hand out readings at unpredictable points during the quarter, so if you miss a class, check with one of your colleagues or with me. Magazine Journalism Auburn’s magazine and feature writing courses take student writers a step beyond traditional news reporting story forms.

They will learn about the innovative techniques, creative formats and use of a strong narrative “voice” that create the kind of compelling print and digital magazine stories that people can’t stop.

University of Florida

Like the profile, the rise-and-fall story is a durably popular genre of magazine and newspaper writing, as well as magazine broadcast journalism and documentary filmmaking. This course will teach you how to identify, report and write with verve such a time-honored narrative.

Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism magazine
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