Linux mysqldump got errno 32 on write amazon

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Import rds mysqldump got errno write jobs

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mysql memory consumption / crashes

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WordPress Backup to FTP

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The cool thing about technical howtos like this is the ability to share with other folks who get just as excited. Looking to save costs on our blog hosting, Amazon’s announcement of a 12 month free usage tier put us in the short list for migration. As Matthias did the bulk of the joyent public cloud & linode migrations, it was high-time I got my hands dirty.

You have created a large database with thousands of tables (> in MySQL ). Then you want to create a backup using xtrabackup. Or, if it is a Galera cluster, you have to recover a galera node using wsrep_sst_method=xtrabackup[-v2].

I have the same script and crontab on a server running Amazon Linux and it works okay on that one. I did change the timezone on the Debian server to my local timezone, while on the Amazon Linux server it.

No such file or directory mysqldump: Got errno 32 on write Just remove the /home/cPanel-User/ from the backup dump path. You may create a db-backups directory inside your cpanel-user directory such as db-backups/ and chmod it or As explained on Multilib System without emul-linux Packages (, I decided it’s better to build my own 32 bit library.

So, the next step is to mask the emulation packages: So, the next step is to mask the emulation packages.

Linux mysqldump got errno 32 on write amazon
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