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“Don’t let James Duke’s folksy style and easy Southern manner fool you one bit. The man is one of the titans of botany, a crackerjack scientist, a formidable force in the field of natural medicines, and definitely one of the smartest guys in the room.

WRITING. Anne Schuster Hunter has been writing in the Philadelphia area for more than 30 years, producing non-fiction features on topics ranging from kids and math to Irish music sessions as well as writing on visual arts for the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Print Center, Philadelphia.

English 252: Introduction to Literary Studies: Choosing and Evaluating Sources

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The Hunter College Reading/Writing Center is a comprehensive service for the college community providing tutorial assistance and academic advisement to students as well as technical support and development to faculty, staff, and alumni.

The Writing Center offers free support to all Baruch students. Our professional consultants—teachers of college writing and writers themselves—work collaboratively with you to deepen your writing and English language skills.

Hunter writing center
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