Business reporting intelligence

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AI Driven Analytics on Modern Data

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Business Intelligence Tools

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BI Reporting – Easily create customized dashboards and automated reports

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In the first thing, reporting is the art of sports data from each data sources and presenting it to end-users in a way that is excited and ready to be collated. Business Intelligence Reporting Your business data in reports that drive action.

Business Intelligence brings your data to life, giving you the ability to visualize your business data in a way that quickly gives you the insights you need to make timely business decisions. Business intelligence is more than analytics and reporting. It could help you turn data into action.

BI reporting needs to be quick, thorough, and straight forward. However, that’s rarely the case, even with all the so-called self-service business intelligence reporting tools on the market.

Business Intelligence Data is the driving force that enables hoteliers to stay one step ahead of competitors by making smarter, more informed business decisions. Our next-generation analytical tools and unmatched data empowers hotels to better know, acquire, convert and retain guests.

ID title description owner master master title master description role product featured content solution level 1 solution level 2 language status available on Help Portal. Business Intelligence (BI) Training Manual – General Navigation Page 8 Manage Saved Views – Open Views on the Portal The Manage Saved Views tab on the Business Intelligence .

Business reporting intelligence
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